Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Dinner At Home

For years, we have spent our Christmas dinner at friend's or relatives.  This year I decided to have our families and friends gathering at our house.  I do not have much experiences baking a turkey or making meal for a big party.  I was a little nervous but with well planning, the dinner turned out well that night.

This 13 pounds turkey was marinated with sea salt, black pepper and five spices the night before.  I massaged in some butter, soy sauce, sesame oil with some chopped thyme and rosemary an hour before I put the bird into an 350F degree oven.  Aftr three and half hour of baking, the turkey not only was fully cooked but also flavorful.

Stove top stuffing with onion, celery, and carrots.  I should have added more chicken soup to make it more moist.

Green onion baked with fried onion

Stir fry corn with onion

Vegetable Christmas Tree

By unrolling the Pillsbury pie dough, I made this apple pie for the first time, serve with vanilla ice cream. 

Our friend brought this sweet and fresh fruit basket from Edible.  I love the gingerbread man.  It actually was pineapple covered with semi sweet chocolate.

Friend also brought some appetitzers and focaccia.  The spiral ham was from Costco and everyone said it was really good.   Everyone love the way we have our dinner set up as buffet style.  I am happy to find that after all the cooking, I wasn't even tired and everyone really enjoy the party on that evening.