Thursday, November 11, 2010

Carlsbad Premium Outlets

We visited the Carlsbad premium outlets while we were down in Southern California.   The weather was a bit warm, as usual, but it was nice to walk around the outdoor mall.  The outlet mall was not big but there were a few stores that you generally do not find in other outlet malls such as Barney New York, Salvatore Ferragamo, Crate and Barrel,etc. (Check the link above for stores).  I was really surprised to find Barney New York there.  The store was small but I was glad that I found a bag that has several compartments in it.  It is lightweight and useful and convenient to travel with.

There was also a Cosmetics Company Store and a Lancome- the Company Outlet which you can find brand name products.  The cosmetics and skin care products were offered at great discounted price.  The selections were limited since they still are outlet stores.  I was in the Company Outlet for a short time since I don't use Lancome product and their other brands product were very limited.  I was more intested to go the Comestic Company Store since they have brand names like Prescriptive, Estee Lauder and M.A.C. and Clinique products.

MAC is well known and has a good reputation among the makeup industries.  It was loved and used by a lot of professional artists. I wanted a M.A.C. eye gel liner and was lucky to find it came with a small brush, eye shadow and  mascara.  I am loving these after using them for several days now.  The gel eyeliner did not smear and lasted all day.  I love the shimmering of the eye shadow powder and a little on the eye lids really brightens up the eyes.  The mascara was a dissapointment.  It was so flaky that I had to remove it right away. 
MAC Eye Gel liner set, $29
I love this very neutral palette of blush which is great to wear in the day time. 

 MAC Blush. $26

After trying many lipglosses that were available, I finally decided to get one that is darker than what I would usually have picked.  I like the look better by applying the lip pencil first then the lipglass.

 MAC Lipglass, $10

I wanted to buy the Prescriptive Anywear makeup stick with SPF 15 ( Y/O Gold 07) but it came with a set of two for $22.50.  I didn't really want to get two.  I found a similar color; the Flirt Stick Concealer provides good coverage on my age spots after dabbing it on top of my BB cream foundation.  I am really happy to have finally found a concealer that works and blends well on coverage and doesn't give me a cakey look.  Both of these will be on my must-have make up products.

 Flirt stick concealer $8.50

I found it was very useful that there were cotton balls and Q-tips available to the customers and that you could test them on your skin.  I spent a long time there testing the products I was interested in.  The sales ladies were really friendly and pleasant.  I had a good experience and will definitely shop there again the next time I visit San Diego.

Carlsbad Premium Outlets
5620 Paseo del Norte, Suite 100
Carlsbad, CA  92008
(760) 804-9000

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