Thursday, October 6, 2011

San Ramon, California

It is excited to move to a new city.   San Ramon is predominantly urban and residential.   The houses are mainly built on rolling hills.  I was not used to driving on those roads in the first month but now I quite enjoy the scenery drive everyday when I have to drive down the hills for errands.  The weather here is really warm and dry.  It was still at Farenheit 90 degree at seven o'clock in the evening everyday until two days ago.  We suddenly experience a 20 degree drop due to storm and rain.   The area filled with fresh air after the rain and it is chilly today.

The city of San Ramon is well sorrounded with trails and parks. Every morning I would take different trails to explore our neighborhood.   This one here is my favorite trail to walk on now.

I enjoy the view while walking downhill on this trail

Minute across a major busy street.,  a trail leads to this unexpected beautiful scenery.  All I can hear was just the bird's chirping and the wind blowing.

This is what I came to see every morning.  Breath taking scene without hiking up the hill at all.

There are some beautiful  front porches that I must take pictures of in the adjacent townhouses.  Even though these are small front porches, but the details of the decoration just make you think what does the interior look like behind those doors.

 Love the shelf with the plant on

I like the way the Flower pots were hanging in 3- tieres.

Me-Time: Imagine sitting on this lounge chair with a book for a quiet alone time.

Cute idea: Mickey and his friends keep you company while you relax , that gives you a happy feeling.

There are more porches I like, but couldn't fit too many pictures here.  Overall, San Ramon is so beautiful and I am glad I finally get to  move here.  There will be more later to share with you with the new places I have explored.  Stay tune...

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