Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Botanical Backyard

When I stepped into my friend's backyard.  I was in awe of the scenery.  My friend had planted many types of flowers and trees in her backyard.

Kum Quat Tree

Cranes she collected

I loved the way she displayed this bird-house in her backyard.  The tea set is something I would never have thought of.  What a nice touch!

Another bird house on the other side of the fence:

She called and invited me to enjoy her blooming flowers in her backyard   She had already prepared a nice breakfast for us to enjoy on a very nice sunny morning in her garden.

As I was sitting comfortably in the lounge chair and enjoying the garden scene, she went inside the house to make me a cup of my favorite French coffee.  She also brought out a toasted ham and cheese bread along with a bowl of fruit.

While I was sipping and enjoying the aroma of the coffee, the thought that I am blessed with nice friends and a sweet home crossed my mind.  What a beautiful morning, and one really can't ask too much to have a life like this!

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