Monday, January 31, 2011

Artist Paint Brushes Holder

Artst paint brushes and tools are expensive. I have been wanting to make a paint brush holder to protect all the artist painting tools I used in my oil painting class. I did not want to make a fabric holder which you can roll up and go.  I wanted to use a hardboard that can protects brushes from damage.  It also needs to be great at displaying and transporting  the brushes, pencils and small tools.

I went to Joann Fabric store and see what I could find.  The ladies from the store gave me these cardboard to use. 

I randomly found some fabrics and ribbons at home and started to do some designing.  I covered the board with fabric first, and then measured and sew the slots for the tools that are going to be inserted.  I also stitched elastic band to hold the brushes/pencils in place for easy access.
This is what it looks like when finshed:
This project only took me two and half hours to finish.  The great thing was I didn't have to spend any money by looking for recyling scrap items that were laying around everywhere.

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