Friday, October 15, 2010

Southern California - Lincoln Plaza Garden, Monterey Park

We had our brunch at this dim sum place called Lincoln Plaza Garden the next morning.  The restaurant was located inside a hotel.  It opens bright and early morning at 7:30 am.  When we got there, it was already 10 o'clock, there was no line but many customers already  inside the restaurant. 

Lincoln Plaza Garden林肯海鮮酒家
123 S. Lincoln Ave.
Monterey Park, CA  91755
(626) 571-0018
What was amazing about this place was they have great selection of dim sum and their price was also unbeatable.  Every dim sum was only $1.80 per plate regardless of its size.  They were all steaming hot and delicious.

Even the roasted duck was only $1.80 each plate.

These noodle wraps were so fresh that the fried doughs were still crunchy inside the soft noodle wraps, accompanied by sweet soy sauce.

Fried twin doughs wrapped with wide noodle sheet

Minced beef over rice with dark soysauce

 Beef tripes (top left),  Ha Gow (steamed shrimp dumpling, front)

Pork wrapped with bean curd skin

 Steamed shrimp tofu and stuffed bell peppers 

 Fried taro cakes, stuffed with pork and chives

All kinds of baked buns

We usually don't ordered buns at dim sum place as it would fill us up eaily.  We rather have more other dim sum.  These were pineapple buns stuffed with pork or chicken, which the top layers of the buns were more crunchy.  They are different than cha siu bao (pork bun) type of buns.  The sizes of the bun were big.  Although these buns were good, but they tasted too sweet to be stuffed with meat.I would prefer to get the standard kind of pineapple buns without any filling.

These huge fried doughs just came out from the kitchen.  The honey and oil were still dripping on the plate.  Nowadays it's hard to get them freshly made!
Fried twisted doughs with honey

We were so happy with the price and food that we even ordered some buns to go.  This is definitely a place to visit again.  Whenever you go to dim sum place, remember to always have some hot tea, the darker the better to help burn off the calories from these greasy food.

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