Monday, October 11, 2010

San Diego - Buon Apetito Restaurant

We had traveled to San Diego several times in the past.  We loved the vicinity of the area.  We spotted this big and white church along the freeway..  This is a Mormon church as I later found out.

  I love the scenic drive along the freeway.

I wanted to go to Little Italy again for several reasons. One was to buy some art supplies which I couldn't find from our local store. Secondly I wanted to visit a place called Extraordinary Desserts because I heard they have beautiful desserts there.  My daughter also wanted me to buy some pastries there to bring home. .

We went to the same places we visited last time for pastries first, then went across street to get some art supplies.   There was no line at Buon Apetito, so we decided to have our dinner there again.  We ordered something different but one of my usual whenever I was at a Italian restaurant.

Here's Buon Apetito's menu in case you want to know what these are:

My favorite - Cioppino

Orrecchiette alla Barese

Cognilio alla Mamma Pina

Caspesante al Porcini

My favorite was the first one (Cioppino) and the last one (scallops with porcini mushrooms).  The second and third one (braised rabbit which tasted like chicken) I wasn't too excited about it.   We were really full with the addition of the freshly baked bread.  We needed a walk to burn off the calories and it was a nice day to walk a few blocks to Extraordinary Desserts.

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