Monday, June 28, 2010

San Diego - Little Italy

We went to the Little Italy district after our delicious lunch at Friend's Korean House.   I wanted to get the cookies from Filippi again.   The scene in the day time at Little Italy is very different than the night time when we visited last time. 

This is the Filippi's grocery restaurant where I bought my Italian cookies from:

These were the cookies I got from the deli area, $15 for a whole box.  I was told these were just shipped last night from a New York Bakery.  They were shipped almost everyday from New York to the bakery.  These cookies were $8.50 per pound and compared to the pastries sold at the nearby bakery for $13.99 per pound, these Italian pastries to me are wonderful at a cheaper price.

As we were walking back to our car, we passed by this little shop and I was drawn to the designs of the jewelries that were displayed.  The sales lady was really friendly and told me everything from the store was from Italy.  There was a big murano pendant that was made with platinum, originally priced at $179 and was on sale for $79.  It's unfortunate that I couldn't take any pictures as there was a sign that saidify no picture taking is allowed.  But they are truly remarkable designs and not really expensive for the quality of the design.  The store has a website where you can browse but it's sad that there's not much to browse on the site.  The website doesn't show any of the beautiful jewelry in the store.  I guess it's my point of interest to see the next time I visit there again and maybe get a couple of the quality pieces there for a better price compared to the ones found in the Bay Area.

Antica Rome Bazaar
1501 India St. Suite 106
Little Italy, San Diego 92101

We also passed by the Italian restaurant we visited for dinner last time.  it looked so different during the day time.
Buon Apetito

This yellow house really caught everyone's eyes and it looks like it is a private home.

As the sun almost set down in the late afternoon, we were ready to drive back to Los Angeles and join our relatives for dinner before heading back to our home sweet home.

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