Thursday, June 24, 2010

San Diego Friend's House Korean Restaurant

We were visiting San Diego again last weekend.  The nice thing about blogging is I am able to find all the information on my blog about where we have been before.  I was able to get the address and went to the same Friend's Korean House again for lunch.  It's named Friend's House Korean Restaurant according to the business card I received from the owner.   This time I was prepared to take more pictures.  Here's the outside of the restaurant:

Friend's House Korean Restaurant
4647 Convoy St. #102
San Diego, CA 94211
(858) 292-0499

I like how this little restaurant was decorated with Korean home's rustic ambiance:

We were seated at the same table and the waitress was very friendly.  We ordered the same seafood noodle and bipbimbap again.
Bibimbap $5.99

They also served these delicious little kimchee dishes on the side. Of course, we got a second refill on these side dishes.

This is the seafood noodle soup I was bragging about.
Seafood Noodle Soup $6.99

This is also one of our favorite Korean dishes to order, rice cooked in a stone pot.

Dol-Sot Bipbim Bap $7.99
The food was in considerably big portions for the three of us but was so good.  I think we liked the stone pot and noodle soup better since they were served hot in the bowls.  The only thing we would had wanted was to have some hot tea to go with the meal.  For some reason, a lot of Korean restaurants we go to do not serve tea.  I am wondering why as I know Koreans are also tea drinkers.  Many of them like to drink rice tea.  That's something that puzzles me and would like to find out somedays.

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