Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hats have become a part of my wardrobe whenever I travel.  I purchased this hat a few years ago for its elegant style and later found out it was also great to use to shield myself from the sun during the summer because of its wide brim.  I aslo like the fact that the size fits me nicely on my head.

'Provence 12' Straw Hat by Helen Kaminski

I started to wear hats whenever I went out for walks in the morning and used SPF protection on my face.   I have a few hats at home now that I used for different seasons. When I choose hats I prefer to buy the bucket or fedora as they are more suitable for my size. The hats I traveled with have to be able to fold and fit in my handbag but still maintain its shape when I take it out. I recently bought this hat to travel down to Southern California for sightseeing.

Juicy Couture Woven Hat

I have a woven bucket hat similar to this, which I use for morning walks:

I really love the vintage inspired cloche.  I used to own a pink cloche like this but with a big flower handstitched on the side, but I found the style didn't look nice on me and I had to give it away.

August Hat 'Luxe' Linen Cloche
I don't really like to put on hats because it flattens my hair after wearing them.  I wear them to shield myself from the sun more than I use it for fashion.  But, it is still nice to be able to incorporate hats as part of my wardrobe when I travel.

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