Sunday, November 29, 2009

All About Knife

As a housewife of 20 years and even though I cooked Chinese food most of the time, it's strange that I have never thought of purchasing a Chinese chef knife until now. I guess it is because of my own recent interest in learning to cook new Chinese dishes that prompted my desire to own one. The knives I have at home are all in this set of knives which was purchased 20 years ago (and have been using them since). It came with a bread knife, paring knife, a few steak knives, scissors, a chef knife, and a knife sharpener:

This is another chef knife I use daily for slicing meat and cutting vegetables. It is a J.A. Henckle's twin signature chef knife:
Here's is the new knife I bought from the Chinatown in San Francisco. It's a No.2 (No.3 is smaller) stainless steel chopping knife:
I have experimented with it by trying to debone and trim the fat off meat. It isn't heavy at all and can cut very easily. I love it! It is just as my husband always says to me: "Half way to success is when you have the right tool in hand!"

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