Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pant length and Shoes

The length of pants/shorts make a big difference, and shoes that go with them definitely matter. Here are some of the tips that I have learned and used to elongate my legs for my petite size:
  • Nude shoes are always the best choice for any pair of pants you have.
  • Shorts/Bermuda shorts should reach the skinny part (the knee) of the legs. A straight legged pair of shorts with no cuffs is best.
  • Long pants' lengths should hit 1" above the floor in the back, and in front, the pants should cover about half of your shoes. Similarly colored or pointed toed shoes are best.

Tips for ankle length crop pants :
  • Wear high heels/wedges and similarly colored shoes with the pants, to avoid breaking up the color.
  • Nude shoes/wedges also work to avoid distracting the eyes with the feet.-A narrower hem makes you look taller than a wider hem does.
  • Avoid contrast colored shoes and ankle length pants with a wider hem.

  • Best if worn with low vamp shoes, ballet flats,peep toes or sandals.
  • Ankle length leggings: Wear with high vamp shoes in a similar or slightly darker color.
  • Knee length leggings: Wear with low vamp shoes, or nude/skin colored shoes.
  • Calf length leggings: Wear with low vamp shoes, nude colored shoes, or high heels/wedges.

*Best tips:
  • Pants should be worn with the proper heels (there is no single, perfect pair of shoes that will go with all your pants).
  • Wedges are the most comfortable type of heels.
  • Stacked heels around 2" to 2.5" are easy to walk in. Skinny or cone heels are not.
  • Heels with Platform shoes are a good choice for feminine and more comfortable to wear compare to stilleto.
  • Avoid contrasting colored shoes when wearing ankle length heels.
  • A wider hem ankle length pair of pants is not a good choice if you are short.

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