Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tasty Vegetable Soup - 健康消脂湯 (Help indigestion and lose fat)

(This soup is supposed to help indigestion after big meals, lower cholesterol and blood pressure).健康消脂湯 (Healthy Vegetable Soup)

2 白囖蔔 (Daikon)
2 囖蔔葉 (Daikon leaves)
2 紅囖蔔 (Carrots)
2 牛蒡 (Burdock)
以上各一條,削皮切塊,( Peel and cut to pieces)
五,六個冬菇-( 5 to 6 Shitaki mushroom)

 Optional: ( it's more tasty when you add these)
半個蓮藕 ( half lotus root, sliced )
倆個合掌瓜  (2  Chayote - peel and cut to pieces)
三,四粒密棗 (3, 4 Dried prune)
一把生的花生 (Some raw peanuts)
倆片果皮 ( 2 dried orange peels)
一把核桃 ( some walnuts)

(Add all ingredients in full pot of water, turn heat on high until boiling, turn to simmer  for 1 hour and a half, Salt to taste when ready to serve.)

註: 這湯很清甜,但可能不適合寒底的人,如果喝了覺得不舒服就不要再喝了.
(If you do not feel well after drinking this soup, stop taking it. The vegetable soup might be too strong for you).

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