Sunday, November 29, 2009


We have two huge persimmon trees in our backyard. One is the soft kind, the other is the hard kind. Every year around Thanksgiving, we would pick them from the trees and give them to our friends and relatives. This year we did not have too many hard persimmons, and the soft ones are usually very big. Look at the pictures below and compare the one that is store bought (left), and our persimmon (right).
Our home grown persimmons would have been larger if we watered the trees more this year. The hard persimmon tree takes a long time to ripen its fruit. Friends have told us to put a few persimmons together with some apples, and they would be ripe enough to eat approximately after three days. I have yet to try it out.

Persimmon is a very nutritious fruit. However, there are few things to remember when consuming persimmons. I remember I was told not to eat them with high protein foods such as crab, shrimp, or fish. You may get sick from it. Those with diabetes should avoid eating too many persimmons as it has a high content of glucose. Those who have digestive problems should also avoid eating too much of this fruit as it may hurt your stomach.


  1. 乍看之下 有點像羅馬番茄呢

  2. 對喔,照片照出來也真的有點像羅馬番茄!不說還不覺得!