Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Educated Palate Restaurant

We have been wanting to go to this restaurant called Educated Palate Restaurant in San Francisco. For our wedding anniversary day, we finally went there for lunch. This is a restaurant open by the culinary school located inside the City College. The purpose of the restaurant is provide a place for the students to have an on site training and practice what they have learned! Here's the front entrance of the restuarant: We were early for our reservation, there weren't any customer yet:

After we ordered our food, the student waiter presented 3 kind of breads for us to choose. There're Baguette, Olive bread and Foccacia,We both chose the Olive bread and the Foccacia. The bread on the left is Olive bread (I thought it was walnut) and the Foccacia is on the right。 You can see the whole olive was used on the olive bread and the Foccacia was soft and smell with fragrance of spices, they're just delicous!As appetizer, we decided to order the fried oysters. They were just done right. They were crispy outside but tender inside. They were so good that my husband wanted to order one more, but I reminded him that we have ate some breads and we should save some rooms to enjoy our main course and dessert! I ordered the roasted salmon as the main course, it was good and the green vegetables were very tender but had the same bitter taste as arugula which I don't really like. There were a lot of lentil beans bedded under the salmon and I couldn't finish them:
My husband had the braised pork rib with risotto. The pork rib was so tender, and the risotto was soft and went so well with the rib. It also came with the cabbage and a small puff, the whole dish was just delicious:I love dessert! I would never passed on dessert even if I am full, the student waiter pushed out a desserts cart and let us choose:
We chose this chocolate mousse cake:They have done a wonderful job with this dessert. It's moist and has just the right amount of sweetness, just excellent! I am going to order this again next time I come.

They often change their menu, the one we ordered from is for November to December 2009:

We have very good experience with this restaurant! The service was excellent, the food was delicious, the place was pleasant and quiet, and it wasn't expensive at all to have all these for a wonderful lunch! It's totally worth to go back again!

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