Thursday, November 26, 2009's coupon

Recently, my husband bought a few coupons from so that we could save some money and get to try different restaurants. had a 70% off sale on the coupon last week. Originally, it was priced at $10, but my husband bought it for $3.

The way it works is you have a choice to buy a meal coupon for whatever price range you think you are willing to spend and pay the fee to Then print the voucher from there and take it with you to the restaurant. The restaurant will run a difference between your voucher and your total bill (but you have to pay the tips and taxes based on the original total bill).

We have tried it with a Japanese restaurant called Washiku in Fremont, the total bill for 3 people was over $40 and we paid around $17. The food was good and was well priced. We have also tried the Kinnaree Thai restuarant and the total bill for 6 people was over $80 and we paid $61 which the 15% tip was already included in the bill since we have over 6 people. That save a lot of money when going out for dinner.

I am sure they will offer this kind of discount again during the holiday season, and we will be checking on it in the future when we need to find a place to try and save money at the same time.

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