Friday, September 10, 2010

New York - Day 1 Time Square

We hired a taxi to get to the airport and took the earliest flight to New York city.  It was only an hour long flight from Washington, D.C. to New York.  The last time I was in New York, we had rented a car.   This was the first time I experienced the local transits.  It was much cheaper to hire a taxi then taking a shuttle for the four of us from the airport to New York city midtown.   The shuttle bus fare was $15 per person and it would cost $60 for the four of us.   For taxi, we only had to pay a flat fee of $50 plus tips to get to midtown.  It was important to hire a taxi with a flat fee because we knew the the traffic would be bad in New York city.  The ride was long but the traffic wasn't that bad.  We arrived our hotel an hour later.   After we checked into the Four Point by Sheraton Midtown,  we had to look for a place for lunch.  Since our hotel was close to Times Square, naturally we would walked towards that area. There were so many people at Times Square.  We had our lunch at a big McDonald's there.  This is the exact building you see on TV where the ball drops at the countdown on New Year's Eve.

We spent the rest of the day at Times Square walking around, and the Forever 21 giant screen captured the people at the square.  It was fun to try to find ourselves on the screen.


We had already bought our tickets on line to watch the Mary Poppins Broadway show at 8 pm.  After walking around, not knowing what was best in the area, we didn't want to waste more time looking around.  We waited in line at Red Lobster for dinner.  The Red Lobster restaurant was so big that it had an elevator to get up to the third floor.  We had these for dinner:

Bread and Ceasar salad were always good.

Shrimp pasta was average.

This salmon was ok, the shrimp were overcooked.

This is coconut shrimp, it was a big disappointment.
Honestly, Red Lobster was hardly the choice we would usually pick to eat at home.  The only thing we liked there were the bread and salad.  The food was a big disappointment for the price we paid.

To come to New York, one should experience the Broadway show and we picked Mary Poppins.  The play was in the Amsterdam Theater.

Waiting to get into the theater

It was beautiful inside the theater, but I was so surprised that there was no leg room at all.  It was so bad that a tall man had to leave his seat and I wanted to leave my seat in the first half hour while sitting there.  As time went by, I got used to it, but I am a short person.  Can you imagine that a tall man had to sit there for two hours?  Nonetheless, the show was great.  It had outstanding music and performance. 

After the show, we were too tired to expeirence night life like a New Yorker and went back to our hotel for the rest of the night.

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