Thursday, September 23, 2010

New York - Day 5 Metropolitan Museum of Art

After we had breakfast, we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and spent the whole day there.

We didn't anticipate to be there for such a long time. The place was huge with so many galleries to visit.  Here are some highlights of the place.

Egyptian Children wears made in 200 -400
Child's hat and shoes 200-900

Egyptian child's tunics 400- 900

Egyptian Hall

A horseman along the silk road

Rodin's Sculptures

Hand of God by Rodin

I was estactic when I saw this original painting by Monet.  This is my favorite from Monet.

It was great to see many of Monet's original paintings here in a room.  All oil paintings were displayed in a room dedicated to each individual artist.  I stood in front of these particular two paintings for a long time and was amazed by the painting technique.  The two paintings below didn't look like they were painted with oil but like a couple of photographs.
Arabs Crossing the Dessert, 1870

What caught my eyes about this painting was the lady in the golden yellow dress on the right.  It was so real like a photograph with all the details. 

For some reason, my little daughter and I love this painting.

We went into this special exhibition from China.  The  exhibited items were rare to see considering they were already over a thousand years old.  The fact that they are still here to be seen is hard to believe.

Altar Set, Zhou Dynasty, late 11th century

Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty

Horse and female rider with attendants, Tang Dynasty, mid 7th century

Standing Court Lady with female attendants, Tang Dynasty 618-907, mid 7th century

Silk scroll with story, 12th century

Stoneware Pillow, Song or Jin Dynasty, 960 - 1230
 (12th - 13th century)

Stoneware Pillow, Jin or Yuan Dynasty,1115 - 1368 
 (13th or 14th century)

Jade Basin, Qing Dynasty, 1700

Set of Twelve Silk Scrolls, Qing Dynasty, 17th century

The last gallery we went was the Egyptian.  Carving art and words on stone walls.

Jewelry wore by an Egyptian princess

Gold Wig

Reconstruction of an Egyptian Tomb from Dynasty 5 (2323 B.C.)

We then headed to Empire State Building before going back to our hotel.  The visibility was about 16 miles but our kids said the view was still beautiful from there. 

This was our last night in New York City.  I am glad they were finally able to go up and look at the view before we left.  We were all homesick by that day.  Overall, we all enjoyed the trip and the food very much.   I am sure we will be going back to New York someday.

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