Monday, September 13, 2010

New York - Day 2 Rockefeller Center

After having breakfast at McDonald's.  We took the metro and walked toward St. Patrick's Cathedral.  There was some construction going on in front of the church.

Beautiful Interior
Mass was still running on Sunday

Since we have been to the Museum of Modern Art before, we took the advantage of my little daughter being free of admission because she was under 16,  and we let her in by herself.  It was raining heavily at the time and we couldn't go anywhere.  We just sat and wait at the coffee shop and roaming around the MOMA shop.

We headed to the Rockefeller Center after my little daughter was done.  The rain had stopped and the walk there was really nice and cool.  We stopped at a street vendor for Halal food (Mediteranean) which we were told we had to try.  Holy smokes! It was love at first bite.  There were a few to choose from, but we chose:

Lamb over rice for around $7

I believe we might have picked the best Halal food in the area.  This particular one had a fixed address and mats in front of the vending truck.  I haven't seen it on any other street vendor's trucks.  It might mean he must have built up his reputation enough to operate his business here.  He doesn't need to move around.

Halal food at Rockefeller
You must try the Halal food if you are going to visit New York.  Vending trucks for hot dogs and pretzels, Halal food,  and roasted nuts are everywhere in New York.

I was surprised to find the food court in the Rockerfeller Center was inexpensive considering it was a prominently known area.  The coffee was $1.50 per cup and the pastries were around $2 each.   We sat there to rest before going to China town for dinner.

Rockefeller Center

We took the metro to Chinatown.  We were surprised to see the New York's Chinatown was huge. Without knowing which restaurant to go to, we randomly picked the first dumpling place we saw since we were craving dumplings.  Right next to this place, there was a Malaysian restaurant that we learned later was supposed to be good but never had the chance to try it.  Across the street, there was a small plaza with individual small gift shops inside. It's a little area with many things going around there.

Shanghai Asian Cuisine

14 A Elizabeth Street
New York, New York 10013
(212) 964-5640

The place was small,  but the steamed dumplings, the drunken chicken and mustard greens were so delicious.  We were happy we found a good place. 

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