Monday, September 20, 2010

New York - Day 4 New York Stock Exchange

We headed to Wall Street to see the New York Stock Exchange in the morning.

The symbolic bull in front of the stock exchange 

Nearby was the Federal Hall where George Washington stood at the entrance to be sworn in as the first President of U. S in 1789.  I learned that there was a ball after George Washington's inauguraltion, and that's how the Inaugural Ball became a tradition for every new President in the U. S.

Although it was drizzling in the morning, the weather was better as it had stopped raining the rest of the day.  It was more of a leisure day for us.  We strolled along in the nearby neighborhood and then went to Chinatown.   We went into a Chinese bakery, Tai Ban Bakery大班 which was located on 194 Canal Street. It was not too far from the metro station.  The selections were twice as big as what I can find from my hometown.   We later found out it had a very good review on Yelp's and apparently it was a well known bakery in Chinatown.  We were lucky to have tried their famous egg tarts in different flavors: papaya, mango, green tea and all were so creamy and flavorful.  The buns were bigger and cheaper there too.  We even bought some buns and cakes back to our hotel for snack and breakfast.  

There were many great restaurants in Chinatown.  For dinner, we went to this restaurant recommended by the local people.   We were very pleased with the food and the place.  The place was very comfortable with a big menu selection.  Two of the delicious dishes that we couldn't finish were the casserole of lamb with dry bean curd and pork's belly with preserved vegetables. The food was delicious and in generous portions.  It's definitely a very nice Chinese restaurant and we will return the next time we visit New York. 

Amazing 66 Restaurant皇上皇
66 Mott Street
New York, New York 10013
(212) 334-0099

We took the taxi back to our hotel.  We had taken the taxi a few times in New York city.   The fare was cheaper than Washington, DC.  It was a short distance going back to the hotel.  The fare was about $10 compared to $8 for the metro for the four of us.   There must be thousand of taxi  in New York city, so easy to find one wherever you go.  The city of  New York was just full of people and things to see.  Taxi and metro were very easy access both in DC and New York city.  That's why we didn't rent a car at all.

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