Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wshington, D.C. Day 4 White House & Washington Monument

We headed to the White House this morning.  It was easier to get the tickets back when I first visited the White House many years ago.  All we had to do was get there bright and early in the morning to line up to get the tour tickets.  Nowadays it requires few months in advance to request tickets.  Since we didn't have tickets this time, we just went around the front and back of the White House.

Front View
Back View

It so happenned that we got to see the beekeepers working in the front yard of White House.

Around the corner, there was a Japanese museum.  Although there was not much to see,  the weather was so hot that we went in there to take a break.  Here are some of the interesting thing we saw.

Gown made of glass

Beautiful design - Matrix Glass

Cute bird houses

We then headed to the National Portraits gallery where you got to see all the Presidents' portraits.

George Washington Portrait

There was an indoor cafe which had an outdoor garden setting where we could relax, escape the heat, and enjoy our coffee and snacks here.   I didn't realize the cheesecake brownie was so good until that day.  That was one delicious dessert my kids and I discovered in Washington, DC.

After we rested for a couple of hours, we made our way to the beautiful Washington monument.

Lincoln Memorial

It was dinner time again, and we did not know where to go.  As we were walking in the area of our hotel looking for a place to eat, the kids spotted this burger place called Five Guys.  They had heard on the news that President Obama ordered the lunch from there.  Of course, we immediately went in there and checked it out.

Five Guys
1400 I Street
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 450-3412

Employees making fresh burgers and french fries.

Bags of French fries were deliberately stacked up as decor.  Peanuts were free and self serve from the box.
You must be wondering if they were good.  Yes, the french fries not only were very fresh and crunchy, it was also a generous portion. It was filled in the cup and extra was deliberately poured into the brown bag.

The burger was big.  It came with two patties, fresh mushrooms, grilled onion and other vegetables.

Both the burger and French fries were very good and I was happy to find out that there is a Five Guys located in Fremont.   I am sure we will be going there for lunch pretty soon.   Click and see their menu and location near you.  This was our last night in Washington, DC. and we would be flying to New York early the next  morning. 

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