Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Decorations at Home

This year my younger daughter demanded that she be the only one to bring out all the Christmas decorations and she would decorate everything herself.  I was not allowed to touch any of the things she had decorated except for the new items I myself bought from the store. Take a look at the way she decorated:

She did allow me decorate the tree.  I wanted to decorate my tree in gold this year.  These gold ribbons were from my friend who didn't want to use them anymore.  I bought some gold artificial flowers from Michael's at 50% off and inserted them randomly around the tree.  The ornaments were from previous years.
I didn't want to spend any money or add anymore Christmas decorations since we have already gathered many decorations from previous years.  However, I always like to have something different every year.  We went out to the neighborhood and collected some pinecones and green leaves.  I used whatever I had at home to decorate the dining table:

Then I removed them from the dining table and replaced this centerpiece when friends came over to visit.  It's better to have a lower centerpiece on the table so that we can talk more easily:

This is the guest bathroom.  I only added the Christmas themed fingertips and some of the greens to decorate the flameless candle. A good decorating tip is to buy cloths of the same themed color, so that on special occasions, you would only need to buy little accessories to change the theme.  For example, I use the large red towels all year long and replace the fingertip towels with other accessories as the occasions change.

I got this cute decoration for the toilet last year and forgot that I had bought them.
This tree used to be at the front door and I moved it to this quiet corner.  It just made it feel cozier.


  1. Beautiful job!!! I love the ribbon in the tree. I have never mastered that one yet. Thanks for visiting and guiding me here...smiles

  2. Ah, I am glad you finally found your way here, lol! It took me sometimes to figure out how to make it look right with the gold ribbons. There were a lot of ribbons involved here. Thanks again for your kind messages.

  3. this looks amazing! i haven't visited your blog in a while, but wow! the tree looks straight out of a magazine.