Thursday, December 30, 2010

After Christmas Dinner

Every year during Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays season, we would be invited to friend's house for a turkey dinner.  It was a pleasantly suprised when we were invited to our friend's house for a after Christmas dinner last week.  Here' s look at the fantastic dinner we had on that evening.

For appetizer, this delicious shrimps were sauteed quickly with garlic, cooking wine and sweet soy sauce.

After consulted with a culinary student, this turkey had been brined with salt overnight. It was also massaged with butter and herbs underneath the skin.  The result was the breast meat was  moist and the skin was chrunchy.


This minestrone soup was also a recipe given by the culinary student.  It was made from both beef and chicken broth, plus tomatoes paste and other vegetables.
These green beans were fried with garlic and oil.

With some mixture of honey and lime, this salad was so refreshing. 

There were also sweet potatoes and French bread on the side. 

I brought the cheesecake. The rasberry sauce was homemade by the hostess.

I also brought this box of persimmon cookies.  It was a gift from my friend.  It tasted like oatmeal cookies.

My other friend bought this fruit basket from the Edible store.  I love the banana and strawberries with were dipped with white and dark chocolate.

Our friends also made us a cup of gourmet coffe and a pot of high graded tea.  She also made some sweet soup for us before we left for the evening.  That was a fun and satisfying dinner. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holidays as we did.

Happy New Year!

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