Monday, March 7, 2011

La Moose Cafe - Thai Fushion Food

I got a phone call at noon time while shopping at the mall last Friday.  My friend had called to ask me to have lunch with her at a Thai restaurant.  It only took me five minutes to arrive this Thai fusion restaurant.

I was really surprised to see the small cafe was already packed with customers when I got there at 12:30.  My friend and I decided to share the dishes so that we could try a few dishes together.  I ordered a fresh coconut drink which was really sweet and refreshing.

My friend had tried the Pad Thai before and she said the way they made it was very different from other restaurants.  I decided to try the dish.  The Pad Thai was made with crab meat instead of shrimps.  It came with a salad on the side. I was really disappointed with the dish because it was very salty and fishy.  My friend said the last time she tried the dish it was very good.  

What was so interesting about this place was that there was a station where they made all kinds of French crepes from savory and vegetable to sweet desserts. French crepe in a Thai restaurant?  Who would have thought?  According to Yelp, this place is the place for great crepes.

My friend ordered a Thai curry crepe.  There was chicken, mushrooms, and vegetables with melted cheese inside the crepe and green curry sauce on top.    

It had an interesting combination taste.  It tasted little sweet on the outside, a salty filling inside, then it was also spicy.  It was rich with cheese and we could only finish half of it.  It was not great, but not bad.  When I went to talk to the owner whom my friend knew, she was making a vegetarian crepe.  It looked very delicious.  But I think I will order a dessert next time, for i like eating dessert crepes.

Another friend came and joined us for lunch later.  She said she had been here many times and the place was always busy.  She also said the salad here is really good.  She ordered a fruit salad and  let me try some of hers.  After the rich dishes I was really happy to have this refreshing dish to end the lunch before I left.

It was so delicious that we asked the owner how to make it.  She told me the secret was to use Ken's Asian salad dressing.  I looked at the salad and did a mental record of the ingredients.  The ingredients included lettuce, crunchy fried noodle, sliced strawberries, oranges, pineapple and cucumber with Asian dressing mixed in.  This is one delicious salad I will definitely order next time I go there or make it myself at home. 

 There are many interesting dishes on the menu for under $10.  Even though their food had not met my expectations, I would still go back and try their other food to experience the interesting combination.  This is a nice little cafe to go to with friends if you want to experience something different.

La Moose Cafe
5014 Mowry Ave.
Fremont, CA
(510) 745-7288

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