Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ume Sushi Restaurant

If you like Japanese sushi rolls, this is a place to try.  There was a menu devoted to many interesting sushi rolls at this UME Japanese restuarant in Pleasanton:

The place is quite big and there is a sushi bar on the right side once you walk into the restaurant.

We were going to order the Padora but decided instead to order the Simba roll with Hamachi, cream cheese, and avocado inside with house special sauce on top.

The bento box lunch was quite well-priced with a choice of 2  for $8.95 or 3 items  for $11.95.  We chose 3 items this time since it was only $3 more to try an additional item.

Yakiniku (Sliced beef),tempura and sashimi bento

Salmon, tempura and sashimi bento

The portion of the lunch box was big and the roll was also fresh.  The next time I come,  I will try the Pandora and other rolls.

UME Sushi Japanese Restaurant

4855 Hopyard Road
Pleasanton, CA  94588

(925) 734-0996

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