Monday, March 14, 2011

Rosie McCann's Irish Pub - Santana Row

After days of raining and windy weather, the sun finally decided to shine on the day I met with my friends for lunch at Santana Row.  I have always loved to come to this part of town just to enjoy a peaceful walk and window shopping on a sunny day. 

It's always in the early morning whenever I come to Santana Row and I didn't realize it was so difficult to find a parking space at lunch hour.  I was supposed to meet my friend at noon time but it took me a long time to find a parking space.  It was already 12:30 when I finally found my way to Rosie McCann's Irish Pub.

It was a big place for a pub and one would not miss a big bar once you walked into the door.  There were not many customers for lunch inside the pub.  I met up with two friends from the UK and a friend who just moved here from New York.  It was interesting to hear four of us speaking English with different accents.  Although we were all speaking English, my New York friend and I were having a little hard time understanding one of the UK friend's heavy accent.  Apparently she's from a different part of UK than our other UK friend.  It was so funny that the other UK friend had to translate for us whenever we seemed puzzled. 

It seemed strange to me that three of them ordered beer or some kind of alcoholic drinks at a Chinese restaurant while we had Dim Sum for lunch last week, but they didn't order any of that at the pub this time when there were all kinds of alcoholic beverages here.  We all ordered soda this time. 

I ordered my favorite seafood pasta as usual.  The portion didn't look impressive when the dish arrived, but it was very rich and delicious.  Both my UK friend and I could only finish half of the plate. 

My New York friend ordered this salmon; she said it was really good too. 

The other UK friend ordered a shepherd's pie.  A shepherd pie is a common English dish in which the potatoes were mashed and baked with ground meat and cheese.   I assumed it was good too, because they have always spend most of their weekend eating and drinking at this pub. 

Rosie McCann's Irih Pub
355 Santana Row
(408) 247-1706


  1. Auntie Florence, I really love your food/restaurant posts! Its nice to know which restaurants are worth trying out. I love reading blogs and I'm glad that you post so often.

  2. I am glad you enjoy reading blogs as much as I do. I do enjoy taking pictures and will try to post more often as I find more free time later.