Thursday, March 3, 2011

Puzzles Fun

When the kids are out of school during summer and winter breaks, we all looking forward to great moments together as a family without all of the demands of the school year.  In the past few years, my kids and I have developed a love for puzzles time together.

I have taught my kids how to do jigsaw puzzles since they were toddlers.  They since have developed their own ways to sort and finish the puzzles in a more efficient time.  If you have never tried doing puzzle before, try it with a smaller box first like 250 pieces for a starter.  A big piece of cardboard is necessary for easy mobility and avoid losing pieces. The edges of the puzzle and corner pieces are usually located first and placed on the board so we can see the actual size of the puzzle.   Sorting the pieces by colors into a different boxes will make it easier to find the pieces you need.  After the puzzle is done, we used a puzzle glue to brush on the puzzle and let it dry before we frame it.

Here are a few interesting puzzles we have done in the past.

Thomas Kinkade's Oil Painting

We bought this Degas's from Metropolitan Museum of Art while visiting New York.  This is undeniable a good qualtiy puzzle.  I will definitely get more puzzles the next time I visit any museum.

We also bought this Glow-In-The-Night Puzzle in New York city.

This 3D puzzle was done many years ago. We bought it from Seattle.

We listened many songs while doing puzzle and recently this is one of the songs from Glee that I love to listen to.

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