Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Boiling Crab - San Jose

When my friend mentioned that we should go to this restaurant for dinner again and I was already drooling.  We both couldn't wait for another day and decided to go that night.  This Cajun crawfish chain restaurant is owned by Vietnamese-American.  It has now grown to 10 locations in Texas and California.
It was popular in the Southern California and my friend brought me here few years ago when it open its first chain in the bay area.

The first time we went there we had to wait for 2 hours.   We decided to get there early this time and we were really happy to find that there was no line at 5:30pm.
The nautical decor was quite interesting to me and made me feel like I am at fisherman wharf.  There were already many customers inside the restaurant.  The waiter first set up the table by covering the table with butcher paper.  She then brought us bibs and a roll of paper towel  after handed us the menu.

Here's the menu.  Most seafood are $9.99 a pound and others are also within reasonable price.

We ordered our favorites: one pound of shrimp and 4 corns with the "whole shebang" which has lemon pepper, canjun spices,garlic and butter.  They were served in a plastic bag and no plate or fork were given at all. Everyone just peeled and tossed the shells on the table.

 The fish and chips were really good and portion was big for  $9.99.  They were really good.

We also ordered the fried oysters for $9.99 a dozen.  That was so delicious and I wished to get another order.

We tried the clams.  It was good but it was really salty with the "whole shebang".

We both were really stuffed after eating all these.  We couldn't resist ourself ordered some corns and shrimps to go for the family.
That was a very good dinner except I would have to remember to tell them to cut the salt in the "whole shebang" next time I come again.  We had tried their fried sweet potatoes and crabs last time.  The crab was overpriced in my opinon but was really good if you don't mind the price.

There is another Boiling Crab now open in the bay area.  This restaurant is so popular any night that unless you show up before 6p.m. It can be a 2-hour wait so plan to get there as early as possible.

The Boiling Crab
(408) 532-6147
1631 E Capitol Expy, #101
San Jose, CA 9512

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  1. i've been itching to return to this place! my favorite was the corn YUM. your blog posts always remind me of how tired i am of OVT food... :(