Friday, February 26, 2010

Carribean Cruise - At sea

Day 6 - At sea
We were at sea today and had our brunch and dinner at Grand Epernay.  The brunch on Grand Epernay was magnificent. It was decorated with ice sculptures.

Brunch at the Grand Epernay Restaurant
 Dragon Ice Sculpture
 Salad Table
Cocktail shrimp on the ice sculpture
Over view of the Grand Epernay (usually had formal table setting for sit down meals)
Since we had spent so many days in the regular dining rooms and wanted to try something new.  There was really no charge for anything we ate.  But if you want to try the specialty restaurants,,  there are some cover charges that are specified and you get to eat everything from the menu.  We were told to make a reservation early to the specialty restaurant since it fills up fast. We went to the Murano the second day we got on the ship, and the reservation was already filled up, so there was only one available on the 4th day at 9:00pm.  The coverage fee was $35 per person, but it's more expensive than other specialty restaurants because it served French Cuisine.  We were not able to go on that night and had to cancel at the last minute.

We did go to this restaurant called Bistro on Five to try the crepes for a late lunch on that day. We paid $5 per person for this particular restaurant and ordered anything we wanted from their menu. We each ordered the German crepe and a chicken panini. Then a spanish crepe and chocolate crepe for dessert.  They were just so delicious and that I think I will try and make them at home sometime.

Bistro at Five  - Only served crepes and panini

Afterward we stayed in the room and enjoyed our sunset while sitting on the balcony with some afternoon tea we got from the Oceanview cafe.

Sun set view from our balcony

Then we watched the movie in the room and got ready to our second formal evening dinner. After dinner, we needed to burn off all the calories we consumed  and climbed up to deck 14 to my favorite place of the ship, the Sky Lounge where the night life began. We danced a bit and then sat there enjoyed the live music there.

At Art Gallery with one of my formal wear:
  Day 7 - At sea

There were many activities that I wanted to attend.  I went to the seminars on how to take better pictures, make a cake, make a scrapbook, cooking show, salsa and meringue dance,jewelry show and art auctioning,. Each and every one of the shows are only 30 minutes long.

The boutique shops on the third deck was the place we went everyday before dinner.  Today we had nothing to do, so we just went  to the shopping boulevard again. There were only a few boutiques for jewelry,clothing, gifts, and wine shop. These were all upscale and duty free stores.

It was in one of the boutiques where I heard a familiar southern accent voice and saw Paula Deen there.  Wow, an actual celebrity on Celebrity Cruise!  I couldn't believe myself and I had to go outside to grab my husband to confirm it. Fortunately he had the camera with him.  That was the high light of my entire trip.  I later realized she must be hosting the celebrity tours for the cruise.

Paula Deen and I in Moda boutique shop

I was not able to take all the pictures and you can get  more inside views of the ship. It was just so luxurious and really worth to go on this trip.

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