Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shrimp with Sweet Walnuts

If you love eating the Shrimp with Sweet Walnuts from the Chinese restaurant, you will like this recipe. I don't usually fry food at home or use much oil in my daily cooking.  But my daughter loves this dish and it usually costs a lot but serve only with a small portion from the restaurant.  So I decided to try and make this for her.  She was so disappointed that I wasn't able to make it last night as promised.  But I made a point to devote my time to make this tonight.  It's a hit and was almost gone by the time I got to sit down for dinner. This recipe was verbally given to me by someone who used to own a couple of Chinese restaurants. I have separated the recipes into fried shrimp and sweet walnuts because they can be served individually.  But they should all serve together as one dish like this:

Fried Shrimp with Mayonnaise:

1 lb. Large shrimp, shelled and deveined
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
4 egg whites
2/3 cup cornstarch
1 cup oil
1 tbsp condensed milk (or Honey)
1/4 cup mayonnaise


1. Wash shrimp and pat dry with paper towels. Marinate shrimps with cornstarch, soy sauce and sesame oil, set aside.
2. Beat eggs well; Stir in the cornstarch until it has a consistency like Elmer's glue.
3. Heat the oil on medium high, until hot.
4. Dip the shrimp in the eggs mixture. Slowly add in the shrimp one by one into the hot oil.
5. Stir and separate the shrimp so the shrimp will not stick together when frying. Immediately flip the shrimp over. Remove the shrimp once they are turned and drain on paper towels to soak up the excess oil.
7.  In another bowl, mix the condensed milk with mayonnaise well.
8.  Toss in the shrimp to coat with the  mixed mayonnaise.
9.  Pour on top of shredded cabbage or lettuce.
10. Serve with sweet walnuts (see recipe below).

If the tail is cut too deep. the shrimp will not curl into a ball shape when fry in the oil.  The mayonnaise can be used as salad dressing for the shredded cabbage or lettuce.

Sweet Sesame Walnuts:
1 cup water
1 cup oil
2/3 cup white sugar


1 .Add water in a pot and bring to a boil.
2. Add the walnuts and bring back up to a boil or about 2 minutes.
3. Drain the water, spread out the walnuts on a cookie sheet and wipe the walnuts dry.
4. Heat up oil until hot.
5. Add the walnuts and fry for 2 minutes. Make sure to stir the walnuts so they won't burn.
6. Scoop up the walnuts with slotted spoon and add them to sugar and coat them well.
7. Add some sesame to the coated walnuts.
8, The walnuts should taste sweet and crispy.

You can add this to any salad as a topping, or eat them as snacks, you might not be able to stop yourself once you start eating it.

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