Friday, August 6, 2010

Legend of Honor Fine Arts Museum

Last month when we were visiting Art Museums in San Francisco,  we didn't have enough time to go the other museum and I really wanted to see the exhibition of Impressionist Paris.  The Impressionist Paris exhibition was exhibited in the Legion of Honor fine art museum in San Francisco.  I made a point to go there on Tuesday, which was also an admission free day, as an outing for the whole family .  As we drove up to the museum, this lovely hill and scenice drive was in front of us.

Over-looking the ocean:

Legion Of Honor front entrance.

The exhibition of Impressionist Paris was downstair in the building.  We were not allowed to take pictures in this particular exhibition.  There were many collections on the main floor of the Fine Arts Museum.   The collections consisted of some Erupean paintings includes masterworks from the 14th thought the 20th centuries.  A few of my favorites from Claude Monet:

I was really happy to see this original painting from Claude Monet.

This particular painting caught my eyes.  Title:  The Russian Bride's Attire , 1887 by Kontansky Mokovsky.

Another type of art piece: Trompe L'Oeil Illusion

There were also some European decorative art, including furniture, sculptures, and other decorative items.  Highlights included French baroque inlaid furniture, 18th-century English porcelain, and Rodin sculptures.( I didn't know until later that the famous Rodin sculpture:: The Thinker was in this museum, or else, I would have taken a picture of it).

Stone Painting

Bronze Candlelabrum

Terracotta Painting

Beautiful Victorian Room

Extraordinary inlaid art work of this writing desk

Inlaid side table

Another inlaid writing desk

Sudan Box

Italian Art deco, 1500

French Servre Porcelain, 1839

Russian Tea Service and Table, 1900

It was a beautiful museum and there was so much to see.  I wish we had more time for a scenic drive, but when we went outside the museum at 5 pm,  it was foggy already and it was impossible to see where the ocean was.  However, I really enjoyed the trip on that day.

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