Saturday, December 19, 2009

3 Looks With 1 Blouse For Less

I was shopping with my friend a few days ago and found this gray blouse at Ann Taylor.  I was very hesitant to buy it at first because the light gray color does not flatter my body. However, the shirt fit me beautifully and the price was reasonable. While I was so hesitant, my friend saw that the cashier was wearing a gray cardigan with a black ruffle in the front, and it was just gorgeous. That motivated me to purchase the gray blouse because I can always wear a scarf with the color that flatters my face.  As we paid the cashier a compliment, she told us she was actually wearing a black ruffle scarf over a gray cardigan and that they were selling the scarf  for $79. Anyway, we then headed to Macy's and found a black Infinity ruffle scarf and paid $16 for it. At Nordstrom, we saw a scarf with the same brand and style. It was $38! You could say that we got a good deal, and I do love a great bargain! Here are the looks I was going for:

Ann Taylor gray blouse:

With Infinity ruffle scarf, hanging from the neck:

 Infinity scarf looped around the neck: