Monday, December 14, 2009

Best High Schools- Fremont Mission District

Last week, U.S. News posted an article about America's Best High Schools:

"We looked at more than 21,000 public high schools in 48 states and the District of Columbia. The following are the top 100 schools that performed the best in our three-step America’s Best High Schools ranking analysis."
Fremont's Mission San Jose High School ranked No. 36 out of the top 100 schools list.  Among the Top Open Enrollment Schools, it ranked No. 4 on the list. The school's outstanding ranking has already brought many people to move into the Mission district area and they believe it to be even more crowded after this news spreads. There are currently 38 Valedictorian Candidates for the class of 2010. The candidates must maintain an unweighted GPA of 4.0 and remain a straight A student until their school year ends to qualify as Valedictorians at MSJHS.   These students are certainly working extremely hard to accomplish that.

My daughter also told me a few weeks ago that her teacher said that William Hopkins Junior High School in Fremont is also voted to be the best junior high school.  How wonderful it is to live in such a nice school district! As parents, we should all give these kids the biggest round of applause because they deserve it.  They have been put under tremendous pressure and are still trying to make it as best as they could in such competitive environment and continue to maintain the school's reputation, Not only do they continue to boost up the school's ranking but they also give the City of Fremont a good reputation. Most of all, they make us proud to be their parents.  It isn't really easy to be in their position. I have the utmost respect for these students. As I was writing this, I felt like giving a big hug to my kids and wanted to tell them I do realize how hard they have worked and I am going to treat them out to a nice dinner, just to get them to relax and have fun... of course it also means that I can be lazy and skip making dinner tonight!


  1. Aww. many thanks to the parent that wrote this. We appreciate being appreciated.

  2. Wow...your kids must be soooo lucky to have you as a mom! so appreciative and kind and loving. ;)

  3. As an MSJ student, it's good to know that the parents appreciate how much effort we put into our schoolwork. I think a lot of the credit also goes to some of the great teachers that Mission and Hopkins have, as the students certainly couldn't do as much without them!

  4. As a parent, I try to help my child in all ways possible, but when it comes to school work, students are really on their own. Seeing them work past midnight and not being able to help them definitely breaks my heart, but it is all worth it when I see their smiles on their faces when they receive the A they worked hard for, especially when that A is from a presigious school like Mission.

  5. (: It's nice to see a parent who understands all the pressure students face, and recognizes the fact they do their best to keep their grades up!

  6. Hullo --
    It's nice to know that with parents it's not just: "You're SUPPOSED to get an A o:"...
    Also, Mission FTW c:

  7. Wow your English is really good!
    And thanks for recognizing our hard work! :)

  8. GO MSJ!!!
    As an MSJ student, I'm proud to be attending such a prestigious school and I'm glad there are parents out there that appreciate the hard work us students put into keeping up at such a competitive school.