Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How I Wear My Jewelry

As I get older, I have learned to like to read fashion blogs and magazines. I have learned to only participate with the body I have and the style I like. It's a matter of keep up with the world and not fall into the fashion grud.  Here's what I have learned to restyle my own way of wearing jewelry:

  • Don't wear gold and silver on the same hand.
  • If you wear one big, bold ring, wear it with the same type of dainty ring or a diamond ring.
  • Don't wear skinny band rings if you have chubby fingers.
  • I like to wear a similarly shaped watch as my ring on the same hand. For example, if I were to wear a big square watch, I would choose to wear a small square diamond ring on the same hand, even though some would choose to balance the proportion by wearing each square on a different hand.
  • However, I really like the same shaped ring and watch look (with the size always opposite of each other, such as small square watch and bigger square ring on the same hand.
  • I do sometimes like to wear a cocktail ring on the other hand for fashion.
  • No big hoops or stud earrings for me! Table tennis ball sized hoop earrings are flattering for most people.
  • If you choose to wear dangling earrings make sure that their length doesn't pass your chin.
  • Skip the earrings if bold necklaces are put on, but it is okay to wear bold ring with it. Stud earrings are all right if you really want to put earrings on

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