Thursday, December 10, 2009


Suede and flat boots are the trend this season. Boots with buckles are especially hot items now. I have been searching for a pair of tall boots for quite a long time. I have donated the boots that I kept at home this year because the pointed toed look is no longer in trend. I need to purchase a pair that have rounded toes. It is usually very difficult for me to find tall boots that fit me from the local mall. It isn't because the size of my feet (my size is easy to find), it's because I have wide calves. I know I might have better luck in searching for boots for big calves online than at the mall, but the idea of buying something that I have never physically seen or tried on does not thrill me. I was at Nordstrom the other day shopping for a pair of tall boots to wear with my dresses and skirts, and I was in luck that day to find these boots that fit my calves:
Because I already own a couple of pairs of short, leather boots to wear with pants and jeans, I don't actually need another pair of short boots. However, I decided to get these short boots because they are flat and made of suede, and they are also within my price range. I am sure I can wear them for many years.

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