Thursday, December 31, 2009

U.C. Berkeley

We took my friend to revisit the world-renowned U.C.Berkeley where she graduated over 20 years ago.  I used to walk with her from her apartment to the shops around the campus.  There are many unusual shops where you can find some creative and really weird items and products in Berkeley.  I still remember back when we were merely poor students, we would rather spend our money on trying delicious food rather than clothing. This is a whole street of shops in front of the campus entrance:

The main entrance


Sproul Hall and Student Union

We were fortunate to have a nice weather around but the air was cold.  By the time we got back to my friend's house, it started to rain. I am so glad I am able to spend time with my close friend and got the chance to take her to revisit some of the places that most of our memories began.

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