Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Zachary's Pizza in Berkeley

My friend wanted to go back to see her old college where she graduated from, so before we went, we first went to this pizza place named Zachary's Chicago Pizza in Berkeley for lunch.  This is a well-known pizza place in the Bay Area.  It's received many good reviews and was also voted into the Michelin guide of 2010.  If you are interested, you can go here for more details.

We were fortunate to find a parking space very close to the restaurant. As we were trying to find a parking meter, we found this newly installed parking ticket machine, where you can pay with coins or a credit card, enter the length of time you are going to park there for, then the machine will spit out a parking receipt for you to display on the dashboard of your car.

This is how it looks like inside the restaurant.  As you can see, there are many awards posted on the wall:

We were advised to place our food orders first while we waited for a table.  Luckily, we only had to wait about 10 minutes to get a table. The place is usually packed with people.  I guess we missed the lunch crowd by chance. Our pizzas didn't come until 30 minutes later or so. We ordered their stuffed pizza which contains cheese, spinach, mushrooms, etc. Their ingredients are all freshly made, even the tomato sauce is made from freshly chopped tomatoes.

We also ordered another thin crust pizza which contains bell peppers, sausage, onions, etc.

My friend ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza for her son, and when the pizza arrived, we thought the waiter had made a mistake by giving him a slice of cheese pizza instead.  The waiter quickly told us that the pepperoni was actually under the cheese as opposed to on top.  I later learned that is the Chicago way to eat the pizza.  I don't really have any complaints, other than the fact that they put a little too much excess tomato sauce on the deep dish pizza.

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  1. it looks soo good! im going there next time im at berkeley.