Friday, March 12, 2010

The Ant War Is On

The area I live in always has ants in the house.  Every summer I have to fight with the ants everyday.   I learned these tactics from my friends over the past couple of years.  They seem to work effectively.

I tried this last year, and we did not have a lot of ants in the house:

Method 1:
  • After the raining season is over , like around April, spray the outside of the house with ants Pesticide.
  • Spray again in June before the weather gets really hot.
  • Another spray in October before the weather gets cold.
I found out recently that there are ways to take care of the ants without using the chemicals.  Ants do not like spices and baby powder.  Here is what I learned from my friend:

Method 2:

  • Place ant stakes 2 times a year outside of the house- whenever the day light saving time hour change, e.g. March and October.
  • Place star anise or cinnamon sticks inside the shelf or area where the ants will most likely show up.
  • Put fresh vanilla bean inside the sugar container.
  • Place powder underneath the refregerator.
  • Plant some peppermints outside the house.
I bought the ant stakes from Orchard Supply yesterday and they were $2.00 off and each cost $4.99 per box. I hope these tactics will help and save me from battling with the ants this year.

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