Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sonoma Chicken Coop

I was in downtown San Jose with my kids recently.  My husband took us to this restaurant Sonoma Chicken Coop since he had a $10 discount coupon.  To my surprise, it was not a typical wait to be served restaurant.  It was like a fast food restaurant where I ordered the food first and they gave me a restaurant alarm that vibrated when the food was ready to be picked up.  The place was casual but very nice setting.  The weather was just lovely and we had our lunch on the restaurant's patio.

I was not familiar with the restaurant before I took the kids there. We just ordered something we never had before. The price on the menu was reasonable.  I would definitely check out their weekly special the next time I go there again. These were what we ordered on that day:

 Skillet Chicken Carbonara
Clam Chowder
Chicken and Prawn Picatta
Garlic and Chicken pizza
We were full with these nice and rich foods.  We loved the pizza and the Chicken Carbonara. I would say the chicken and prawn picatta was also good. It's just that we don't like the capers and lemon since that made the dish taste a little sour.  I think it was worth the price considering we had no waiter to pay tip to and a $10 discount.
I was told this place is packed on weekdays during lunch hour, so plan to go there early to avoid the crowds.  It is also very close to San Jose airport.  It is a nice place to eat or wait to pick up someone from the airport.

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