Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick Personal Pizzas

Over the weekend, I wanted to try the artichoke pizza recipe from the Food and Wine magazine.   I decided to use pita bread instead of pizza dough to test out more recipes.  The pita bread came in a pack of 5 from the bakery department.  I liked using the pita breads because it was quick and small so I could make many different kinds of pizzas at the same time.  I baked these pizzas at 395 degrees for 10 minutes and pulled them out of the oven right away. They were thin and crispy.  The order here is placed from the most to least favorite.

Beef Salami -with Portobello mushrooms, yellow onions, yellow bell peppers and mozzarella cheese with pasta sauce.

Hawaiian Pizza - Pineapple chunks, ham, yellow onions, mozzarella and Fontina cheese over pasta sauce.

Artichoke Pizza - with a lot of Fontina Cheese and artichokes.

All The Rest Pizza -Whatever left over chopped ingredients were placed on this pizza over pasta sauce.
Ham and Portuguese Sausage - with ham, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese over pasta sauce.

We disliked the Ham and Portuguese sausage pizza, but the other pizzas were very good.  I chose the Portuguese sausage because it had less sodium compared to most of the other brands.  The Fontina cheese was good with ham and salami.  I love the smoked Fontina cheese but it is too strong of a flavor for pizza.  I like making these homemade pizzas because I can control the amount of the pasta sauce and cheese to adapt to my own taste and also cut the calories at the same time. It is just easy and quick for a delicious meal.


  1. MMM the beef salami one looks the yummiest!

  2. The artichoke pizza was amazing!