Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring cleaning - organization

Every year in the spring.  I try to reorganize and redecorate some parts of the house. I've learned to organize things as I do spring cleaning these days. The most important thing I learned is not to have small items floating on the surface where we can see them.   Clear the counter-top and walls of small objects and organize them behind doors or display the collection neatly in the cabinet neatly to avoid looking like clutter. Use unifying objects, frames, baskets, or boxes to hide clutters.


  • Line up spics and put them in the drawer
  • Put all loose tea bags together
  • Post a list of food at home on refrigerator
  • Use a plastic container,box, empty jar, bowl, basket to gather small items
  • Discard expired items
  • Donate any item that you do not like or use


  • Donate duplicated items 
  • Sweaters are best to fold and stack no more than 6 pieces at a time to avoid them from tumbling down
  • Leave 6" between self and clothes to let clothes breath
  • Use shower curtain rings and hang them on a hanger for belts and scarves
  • Place most often worn clothes in the front and middle
  • Use scents for closets, like lavender or cedar
  • Use rack with pegs to hang long necklaces
  • Anything that you have not worn over the past two years go into the donation piles
  • Hang clothes by length, color and season (shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, coats, white, gray, colors, etc.)

Living Room:

  • Put small things in a basket or box, like remote controls or glasses.
  • Use similar frames to unify the look
  • Group frames in groups of 3 with various sizes to display photos


  • Post a cleaning instruction on the cabinet door to remove any kind of stains
  • Put a container there to collect coins or anything found in the laundry
  • Hang a rod between walls or cabinet to hang dry clothes to safe from ironing 
Home Office:
  • Store samll objects such as IPod, cell phone, camera, glasses or keys in a decortive box.
  • Only keep a few pen and pencils to use.  Box away excess office supplies that are not being used, such as rulers, binders, papers, etc.
  • Try to minimize papers around the house, scan artwork and use the computer for back up instead.
  • Magazines -Start with the most recent ones and tear out the pages that can go into the 3 ring binders and donate the rest or swap with friends.


  • Guest bathroom -Display all collected toiletries from hotels in the medicine cabinet
  • Donate unused photo albums if it's been there over a year
  • Discard any duplicate photos, scan all photos into computer
  • Frame all artwork that are to be kept as soon as possible to avoid cluttering and also to keep them from being destroyed.

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