Monday, April 26, 2010

Falafel, etc. - Fremont, CA

On days that the kids are let out early from school, I always enjoyed eating out and trying different kinds of food in town with them. I was craving Middle Eastern food last week.  I checked on Yelp and found great reviews for this restaurant in town.  We went there even when it was still raining outside.  Of all the years I have been living here, I have never noticed this place at all.

Falafel, etc.

39200 Fremont Blvd. 
Fremont, CA  94538

The place was very clean and very quiet.  I guess it might have been because it's raining outside and already after lunch hour.

Little courtyard
I believe I had spoken to the owner of the restaurant since he was so nice and explained the name of  the foods we were interested to order. We tried the falafel for the first time.  They are basically fried chickpeas.
 It was very crunchy outside, warm and moist inside, and very delicious.
We also liked the Lamb Sharwama Plate which was served with basmati rice, green salad, and pita bread. I think the lamb was a little dry and I added the pepper onion and other sauce to eat with it.  The balsmati rice and green salad, which had feta cheese on top were just excellent.
Lamb sharwama
Dipping Sauce: Tahini for Falafel, yogurt sauce and chili sauce.
They actually have a self serve condiments area:

The owner brought our dessert when we were half way done with our meal since the dessert is supposed to be served warm.  It's made with melted sweet cheese inside filo dough and shredded on phyllo dough and  Arabic syrup.
There was too much syrup in this dessert. Otherwise, I would say it was very good.  If you want to try the restaurant, you can find check out their website:

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