Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great Places for Fish and Chips

I was running some errands in the neighborhood of Newark today.  I couldn't help stopping by this Fish and Chips place for lunch.  They have the best British style Fish and Chips I have ever had in the area.  The price was great.  I ordered this combo for $7.99, and it came with 2 big pieces of  fish, 4 jumbo shrimps and some french fries.  The batter was thin but crunchy.  It was just so delicious and addicting.  I didn't finish the whole thing and took them home for my kids as their snack.

I stumbled upon this place years ago, and the owner had told me that they changed their frying oil daily.  That is what made the food so fresh and crunchy.  The place was decorated with British newspaper he had purposely bought from England years ago.   I took these pictures with the permission of the new owner.  I hope the new owner will continue frying with fresh oil daily as the previous did.

101 Fish & Chips

If you're ever in the neighborhood of Newark, California, here's the address:
101 Fish and Chips
36700 Cedar Blvd. 
Newark, CA 94560
(510) 792-7272

There is also another  Fish and Chips place in Las Vegas that I stumbled upon on years ago. It was located  inside the food court of Caesar Palace's casino.  The price was reasonable considering it was inside Caesar Palace.  The size of the shrimps and fish were big.  The shrimps were for around $11, and the fish was around $10.

Both places are great, but I am  glad that I don't have to travel all the way to Las Vegas to get some delicious Fish and Chips. 

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