Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Fashion

A couple weeks ago, as the weather was turning warm but was still cold at the same time, I went hunting for a trench coat.  I was very lucky to find this trench coat:
The weather was so nice yesterday after many cloudy and raining that I couldn't wait to go out.  I had no place to go but I wanted to dress up and decided to go for a short shopping spree.  I was glad to be free from wearing any stockings and wore my beloved platform zebra print shoes.  I also paired it with my suede skirt, which I have had for many years.

I was also happy to find this cotton jacket, because the length stops perfectly above my hip.  I am happy that the color is off white since I don't look nice in just white. This can be worn with jeans and casual skirts for casual chic looks.
I have been trying to find a pair of nude shoes, which are the trend of this season but so far, I've had no luck in that department yet.

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