Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dressy fashion

I went with a friend of mine shopping at Macy's on a weekend.  My friend is a great shopper, she knows all the places in Macy's. It saves a lot of time if you go with someone who knows where everything is.  I found this great dressy Maxx studio blouse and didn't know where to find the pants to go with it.

I had my mind set at first just to match with a narrower straight legs dress pants. She guided me and suggested to also get a pair of  bell bottom party dress pants to go with it.  That was something I have never thought of .  Unfortunately I didn't have any luck finding either one on that day.

I found this Rachel Roy swing jacket with an amazing marked down price plus the discount card I have at $42. That can go with anything from formal to casual chic.  I thought it's also perfect for the black blouse I've just bought.

On my way out to the mall, I saw this beautiful ruffle dress.  I was so attracted to the colors and ruffles on the dress:

It's a perfect dress for spring time, and I can wear the Rachel Roy jacket for a more dressy look. But this dress is a new arrival, it's not on sale.  I still couldn't resist myself from taking a picture of it. I hope they still have my size by the time it's on sale.

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