Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Red Box - Rent a Movie

We used to go to Blockbuster to rent movies. We would walk through every aisle just to see what movies we wanted to watch for that weekend.  Then it became inconvenient  for us to spend a long time looking for a movie and possibly end up wondering if we got the right movie.  We stopped doing that for a long time.  Then we started to watch movies on Netflix where you can pay a monthly fee and they send you the movies you select.  Then it became too much trouble to deal with the mail.  In the past few years we haven't had time to watch movies.  I would take the kids to the library and check out some movies during summer vacation. The good part of going to the library is you can borrow a few movies at a time and not need to return them until a week later.  The bad part is most of the movies are not new releases and sometimes we have to wait a long time before the new movies to be available for check out.  Sometimes we didn't even have time to finish them all and ended up forgetting to return them and having to pay a fine.

Now there's this new vending machine for renting movies.  I find it very convenient.  It's called the Red Box. You can find out online what kind of movies are available for rental before going to the Red Box to rent by credit or debit card.  They are available outside Lucky grocery store for $1 a day. The best part is they are all new releases and you can return the movie no later than nine o'clock the next evening.

I like it because I get to see a newly release movie whenever I feel like watching a movie and I don't have to wait a long time to watch it.    For example, I have watched these newly released movies: Julie and Julia, Public Enemies,The Proposal. So far I haven't had trouble not being able to rent any movie I wanted.

The next time when you feel like watching a movie, you can go here to see the list online.

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