Monday, January 18, 2010

Toothpicks Containers Collection

I was visiting my friend last week and found out that she has this interesting collection. She was so nice to let me take some pictures of her toothpick containers collection. 

This is a very unique piece and also my favorite.  It apparently is made from some kind of cinnamon woods because I could smell the fragrance as I was holding it.  She told me this was a gift her mom had given her 10 years ago.  It was carved by a village man  in Vietnam. Amazingly the fragrance is still there today.

This fabric pouch of toothpicks was given to her from a Japanese restaurant while she dined there.

This is a little Japanese house from Japan.  It's crafted with woods. The back of the house has an area to hold the toothpicks. 

The wooden heads you see in the back of the house (see above picture) and in the wooden box (below) are just the decorations you can stick onto the heads of the toothpicks.

Don't you just love these cute collections!

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