Sunday, January 3, 2010

Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue -Gucci Bags are Great Sales

We were down at the Gilroy Premium Outlets Mall, which is about a 45 minutes drive, and found out the new store Off Fifth Saks Avenue is located there.  I went in there just to get a quick look before I headed home.  The store there at Gilroy looked bigger than the one located at the Great Mall in Milpitas.  After walking around the jewelry section, I took a gander at purses and bags, as usual.  I was so happy to see that there were many Gucci Bags on sale. Most were an additional 20% off, even after the marked down price.  The only ones that have an additional 50% off  and can be bought at around $230 each before tax are these:

This one comes in brown and black, from the original price of $625, marked down to $449.99.

This one is in the hobo style, original price was at $650, marked down to $467.99: 

I like the fact that they are in classic styles and neutral colors which I personally would pick if I am going to spend on high end products to make sure they will last for many years.  They are also not too big or too small and can be used in the daytime or evening out for dinner.   My friend from Canada really wanted a Gucci bag for a long time. She said Gucci was very expensive in Canada, and was disappointed that she couldn't find any good deals at the Gucci outlet store in Vacaville while she visited California.  I promised to let her know if I ever found a good deal.  I immediately made a call to Canada.  She told me to get all three with both of the different styles in black and brown becuase her sister wanted one too. This is why you get to see these pictures here. 

As I was paying, the cashier told me that these just came in a few days ago and it's a great deal that you can get three for the price of one.  It is really a good deal if anyone is interested in getting a Gucci bag.  I am not sure if all the other Off Fifth Saks Avenue stores carry them, but it's worth to check it out since they do have many good additional sales on marked down designer's jewelry and clothing.

Have fun shopping, everyone!


  1. 3 for the price of 1 gucci purse? that's amazing!
    and these purses look very nice.

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