Monday, January 25, 2010

FlourTortillas - Chinese Onion Pancake

As I mentioned before, I am trying to come up with ways to finish these tortillas I got from Costco. My kids love to eat Chinese onion pancakes, so I thought I can tweak the recipe using tortillas.  Here's what I did:


2 eggs, scrambled
2 stalks green onion, chopped


1. Combine the eggs and green onion, add the salt in and mix well.
2. Heat up the pan, add some cooking oil.
3. Dip one tortilla at a time into the egg mixture.
4. Place it into the heated oil and let it cook for 2 minutes or until the egg mixture is cooked.
5. Flip the other side and cook another 2 minutes until the egg mixture is cooked.
6. Repeat the same process until all the egg mixture is gone.
7. Serve with mixture of 1 part light soy sauce and 2 parts vinegar.

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