Wednesday, January 27, 2010

House Hunting

My friends wanted to move to a newer area, so we went to see some new model homes. With the economy so slow nowadays, houses prices are now in a negotiated position.  We went to see some huge houses just for fun.  Here are some of the huge houses we saw:
 Interior of one of the model homes:

New houses that are being built around the area but not sold yet:
Breath taking views from the backyard:

For resale value purposes and for those are into Feng Shui, we've learned to take this advice from the real estate agent when buying a house:
  1. House with the number ended with 4 is never a choice to buy, it's a homophone of "dead" in Chinese.
  2. If a house's front entrance is directly facing the T-section of a street. there's a safety issue.
  3. If the stairway is facing straight towards the front entrance, in Feng Shui it means you won't be prosperous!
  4. A house in a public area like schools or parks are considered noisy and dangerous, especially because of there are many strangers around.
  5. If there's a mountain in the back of the house, it's considered good because you are in good hands and there's always something to support you or help you out.

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